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Journey towards Living in Peace

If Life is a journey, the road to 'Happiness' is often congested.
But what if  'Happiness' is not a destination but a street lamp of our Journey? The illusion of Happiness being a destination, often highlights the intermittent darkness we experience in search for the 'Light'.

Perhaps PEACE, is the state our souls yearn to be in, thus the saying 'may our souls rest in peace' at the end of one's life.

Happiness is an emotion. Just as sadness, anger and joy, emotions are fleeting.

The only state that we can be certain of, is PEACE.

And if every individual in the World finds their personal key to creating Peace from within, War cannot materialise.



Holistic Therapist

BODY - Certified Personal Trainer, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Fatloss Coach for over 14 years with a niche in [p]rehab, Rella holds a Functional Myofascial Master Practitioner Certificate in IASTM. Specialist in M2T blade assessment, treatment procedures and corrective care program, Rella works with professional athletes and office executives in reducing chronic physical pain, improving mobility and sports perormance. 

MIND - Rella delved into the Mental and Emotional domain in 2014 after her client, Shanti, brought her to an eye-opening (literally) course of Integral Eye Movement Therapy. Seeing how mental and emotional states are interconnected yet malleable, Rella was empowered to live more consciously, and have since embarked on the studies and research of various psychotherapy modalities. Her qualifications include modalities in Gestalt Therapy, Existential Therapy, Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Integral Eye Movement Therapy,  Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder Management and Depression Counselling.

SOUL - In 2016, Rella was introduced to Alpha Alignment as a form of supplementary therapy for improving her clients' physical alignment. After experiencing consistent life-changing effect of Physical, Mental and Spiritual shifts, Rella realised another dimension of Holistic Healing beyond the Physical and Mental states. Rella was intrigued to dive deeper into the technique and graduated with The Diploma in Alpha Alignment in 2017. The course helped in her healing  and self-discovery tremendously. She is also a Energy Medicine practitioner, Usui Reiki Level 1 practitioner, Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner and currently pursuing Usui Reiki Level 2 and Soul Realignment.

With a mission to decode 'Life', Rella continually seek wisdom in creating a pain-free, peaceful and enjoyable journey for herself and all whom she serves.


Having been through her darkest times, Rella aims to end the stigma around mental health and therapy, as well as to raise awareness in the Mental and Emotional Wellness movement. Healing is a life-long journey, especially for the ones struggling from situations they don't speak about; Joy is not the destination, but a checkpoint out of the darkest tunnel.

Rella's vision is to create a safe space for consistent Physical, Mental and Emotional growth.

"I promise to hold space for all who walks in through my doors;

To honour their truths with empathy and safeguard information shared with me in high confidentiality."

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