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Mental & Emotional Well-Being 

Light and Shadow Portrait


Dive into the subconscious to work through challenging emotions and past traumas that may be hindering you from living/enjoying the present.

60mins CHF130/SGD180

Bullet Journal

Life Coaching

Get a clear vision of WHY you set yourself a particular goal, and HOW to achieve it via the path of least resistance.

60mins CHF130/SGD180

Couple Holding Hands

Couple/Family Counselling

Even though it is our responsibility to work through our emotions and triggers towards our loved ones, working through situations as a team can promote harmony and understanding for everyone involved.

90mins CHF195/SGD270

"I don't remember the last time I fell asleep without trouble, or woken up right after by my daughter.
We all had a very good sleep last night.
Mine was because I spoke to Rella to work through some of my inner battles. thank u dear.
Pls reach her if u guys need any help working through emotions."

Jiamin, Business Owner

Physical Wellness

Body Measurements

Weight Management Consultation/Coaching

Whether you're looking to gain weight or to lose fats, finding a strategy that suits your personality and lifestyle is what makes it effective and sustainable.

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Pain Management

Pain so unbearable, you can barely move? As long as you have an internet connection and a webcam, Rella will assess your posture and movement remotely, followed by prescribing self-treatment techniques.

Body Care_edited.jpg

IASTM & Rehab Therapy

Get to the root of your body pain. Activate inactive muscles, release overworked muscles, clear out adhesions in your fascia to free up your body. Reduce muscular imbalance, improve mobility and sports performance in 1 session.


60mins CHF106/SGD150

"After the session with Rella, my shoulders were less tensed and I SLEPT LIKE A BABY! Finally managed to sleep for 6 hours straight when I used to wake up every 1.5 to 2 hourly."

Wai Ling, SG

Energy Work & Spiritual Growth

Reiki Treatment

Reiki/Energy Medicine

*Private Group Sessions Only*


Alpha Alignment

Experience radical shifts in the 7 aspects of your life. Aligning you to the Alpha state where your brain wave slows down to the rate of a meditative space, get connected to your superconscious and gain insights from your higher self.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Soul Realignment

Get to know who you are at Soul-level and what your spiritual gifts are. Find out how you might be stopping yourself from fully using those gifts to create more of what you want. Relief yourself from karmic patterns and start living in Freedom.

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